Breakthrough for RF energy technology

Tomorrow's billion-dollar market

26. September 2017, 16:25 Uhr | Hagen Lang
Der »SmarterWorld RF Energy Summit« findet am 17. Oktober 2017 in der Stadthalle Erding bei München statt.
The »SmarterWorld RF Energy Summit« takes place on October 17th 2017 in the »Stadthalle Erding« near Munich.
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RF energy technology is continually penetrating new fields of application, from cooking to industrial processes, medical applications and imaging techniques. You can learn more at the SmarterWorld RF Energy Summit, which takes place on October 17, 2017 in Erding near Munich, Germany,

Solid-state semiconductor transistors are steadily ushering in a technology revolution in a wide range of areas. The era of 70 million magnetrons sold worldwide in microwave ovens is slowly coming to an end. Instead of using such vacuum tubes, high-frequency waves can also be generated with semiconductor transistors. However, they enable far greater precision and control of the directed energy, they only need 28 V operating voltage instead of kilovolts (kV), and they require much less energy. In addition, semiconductor systems achieve a much longer lifetime. 

Similar favorable fields of application for solid-state RF energy technology are found in engine technology, automotive technology, medical technology, household appliances, industrial drying technology and lighting technology. According to SunTrust’s market analysts, the key markets for RF energy transfer are medical technology (tumor treatment), solid-state heating and drying, plasma lighting, and ignition systems. The market here is expected to grow to USD 1.5 billion by 2020. 

You will find everything you want to know about the current status that the technology has already reached, what lies behind the new technology, fields of application for gallium nitride (GaN) solid-state RF and the emerging technology platforms at one of the pioneering conferences on this topic: 

The “SmarterWorld RF Energy Summit” on October 17, 2017 in Erding near Munich, Germany offers you in just one day the entry into the technology, market developments and new business models. Come to Erding on October 17, we look forward to seeing you there.

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