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IntervalZero: A Soft-Control Architecture: Breakthrough in Hard Real-Time Design for complex Systems

Kategorien: Soft-Control-Architecture » Embedded Systems

Embedded OEMs – especially those whose products have complex human-machine interfaces, manage many degrees of motion, and require hard real-time – have traditionally relied on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and Digital Signal Processors (DSP) to meet precision and performance requirements. Today, that hardware-centric model is undergoing intense scrutiny as OEMs face increasing market pressures to cut their costs, improve quality, and differentiate their products. By adopting a Soft-Control Architecture, OEMs have an opportunity to do all three. They can differentiate their products and improve their competitiveness by significantly increasing yields/throughputs, and by shortening time to market. They can also reduce their bill-of-materials costs and shrink the compute footprint while simplifying and streamlining development, usability and training.

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